The Lost Soul

A word that can't be described but felt, can't be comprehended by brain but by the heart, "Soul" is such a vast term. It's such a magnificent thing, the struggle of finding which makes us meet the creator of this world, creator of the humans and the most important of all, the creator of this... Continue Reading →

Back to Light

When I was a little boy, I never used to believe in fate, destiny and all those prerecorded or already written things. The concept of destiny to me was just about position, marks, ABC and such things. I was such a free, fearless person, and used to think that my life was a blank paper... Continue Reading →

Too Good to Feel It?

I woke up at 3 am, all sweaty in this cold night, a weird pressure in my head and heart was indicating that somewhere within myself, I was slowly losing it all. The beautiful things, the happiness, the power of saving good things from people, from this world, it was slipping away from my hands... Continue Reading →

“Time Heals Everything”

Life is full of hurdles and difficulties. Whatever path you choose, it's never gonna be any easier. Sometimes, it gets worse, no matter how hard you try, it doesn't work and you feel like quitting everything. Whenever you get tired from this life, rest, but do not quit. Don't quit chasing your dreams because it... Continue Reading →

A Story Untold

"Once, I met an angel. So beautiful she was! Filled with charm, so close to God, she was perfect indeed. Her warm heart and strong, peaceful soul. Her demure smile and dilated eyes. You know what, she was truly an Angel fallen among dishonest people, on this Earth; an angel without wings!", John, a traveler,... Continue Reading →

Not Anymore!

"Why you deleted all your articles and videos about the destruction of world in the End times? You dedicated so much time for them, did a lot of research, persuaded so many people; and after so much hard work, all of this became successful. You were going so great with so many likes and views... Continue Reading →

The Worst Thing

"You know,  the worst thing in love is, no matter how much you love someone and want them to be with you; you can't force them, you can't make them fall in love with you too or make them reciprocate the feelings. All you can do is to put your trust in them, blindly,  and... Continue Reading →

Toxicity Around Us

If I could teach everyone only One thing that will never let them down in their whole life, I would make them read this post. Everyone of us meets thousands of new people every year and many of them prove to be uplifting and encouraging, but some people will come in my life, your life,... Continue Reading →

Depression and Humor

There comes a time, when we just feel angry and really sad at the same time and it's like we have been holding back so many tears inside....millions of them, hidden behind this fake smile and cool jokes of ours. We just wanna be alone and cry hard for the whole night, and we can't... Continue Reading →

A Step Into the Reality

"Where am I? Am I lost in the hell, or is it something even worse than hell? People with no real love for each other, broken hearts and dreams covered by fake masks, greed and lust spreading in the air, blood and violence in the soil, what is all this? Children cry but no one... Continue Reading →

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